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After 22 years of supplying the most technologically advanced detailing products in the industry Finish First is giving itself a new look. Be on the lookout for our same superior formulations, but packaged in new labels.

Liqui-Tech: World Class Synthetic Auto, Marine and Cycle Appearance Products

Finish First meets today's tough standard of automobile paint/finish care by using advanced technology based on synthetic polymers, similar to the synthetic paint on your vehicle. This high-tech formula contains no wax, silicone or Teflon. Read More



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Have been using your marine product for three seasons now. I apply it to hull and decks, Frist Finish is lasting two full great lakes seasons. I have three issues which in the past caused me real headaches, spider droppings, sea gull droppings and jet fuel fall out since I dock very close to a Air Force Base in Michigan. It all just washes right off with a high pressure nozzle. If I use a mop then just straight out of a garden hose.
I LOVE your Polish!! I get more compliments on my vehicles !! The polish is so easy to use !!! I've been using it for years and will never change to a different polish !!!
Several years ago, I befriended a person in Beckley WV that sold Finish First products. This stuff is the BEST EVER! I have tried several other brands that CLAIM to be the best, but after a few rains &/or hot, sunny weather, there is no more water beading. Using Finish First, I find that the protection last for months & months. Hats off to you for such a wonderful product!
This is my third order of Finish First Marine polish I 've given your product to friends as a gift. Everybody just raves about the product and ease of use-great job-thanks.
i have used first finish car polish for 7 years , my bmw z3 has 13 coats on it ....it is crazy crazy awesome stuff....i have been waxing cars for 40 years , this is the best stuff ever...all i want to do is just polish it ...smile
Love your products, nice to find something that works so well. My boat yard speaks highly of your products!
Almost 20 years ago started using and 8 vehicles later can tell you this is the only product that really protects agains the FL sun and elements. We put lot of miles on and the paint/shine last longer than the engines! After base costing once every 6 months or so at that is it. This is the real deal. Thanks!
I have a 2002 Ford Lightning Tru Blue and finish first polish and finish fast is all that has ever been used on this vehicle ...
... we love your products. Nothing else touches our cars or our previous boat.
I am a commercial tuna fisherman and use Finish First Marine polish on my boat. This polish is amazing. I apply 1 coat every 4 months and nothing , including dried fish chum , doesn't stick to the gel coat. It is so easy to apply and remove...and the longer you let it dry, the better the shine and protection.
We used your products this weekend and WOW... This stuff is the real deal... Our new 2010 Acura looks awesome.. It looks better than the day we bought it in August.... Used it also on my 2004 Dodge truck and i looks amazing... Thank you and also for the gentleman that I spoke to on the phone Thursday... I will always suggest your product from here on out... Thanks for the wonderful product and prompt service.
I first saw your product at the Orange County fair grounds in Costa Mesa. What car shows are you going to be in? I have used your product for over 5 years. I first used your product over 5 years ago for the first time on my $8,000 paint job, it was not an easy decision to choose what product to use. The red / maroon mustang made up my mind. Never looked back. At the time the Corvette club voted your product the best as I recall.
This is Janet's husband writing to let you both know how well the Cycle Finish is. I love it. First I used it on the tank to compare it to the wax on the fenders. I left this on for a few hours, only until Janet saw the difference. She couldn't believe the difference. I threw out my waxes (Kit and Meguires). I am so glad we saw you at the Geneva on the Lake, if not I would not have found out about your products. I have been joking with everyone that comments on how great the finish looks, that is increased my mileage, less wind resistance! (Hahaha!)
I used the metal polish on some aluminum wheels on my 1995 Chevy Silverado. I stripped the old, yellowing clear coat off the wheels. They looked like crap. I placed a clock next to the wheel, took a photo, polished the wheel by hand (easy) and then took another photo. I think it took 3 minutes per wheel. And they look freaking stupendous. What a shine! This is truly one of those products that you have to see to believe.
I spent a week demonstrating this product at a Sportsman Show in Cleveland about 20 years ago. I have NOT stopped talking about or stopped using this fine product ever since. ALL the CAR GUYS And BIKERs wanting a GREAT PRODUCT the works....THIS IT IT!! Glad to see your still putting out a great USA product.
About a month ago I inquired about getting some finish prep and some detailer and you sent me to Champion Auto Center, I went and got one of each. I am writing to let you know that the prep was incredible. I used the prep and the Finish First polish and I can tell you that my car never shined or felt as smooth as it did when I finished. Great products, I am a loyal customer of Finish First Product now. Thank you -
If you recall I ordered about October last year from you 1 gallon of FINISH FIRST MARINE POLISH/Sealer in a metal container which you shipped to me here in Australia. I have found your product the best of all the products I have used on both my boats - one being a Fleming 55, the other a Riviera 42.
Thanks for the quick reply and information. I just ordered the cycle polish. Where are you located? I heard about your product from my brother (he has a 69 gto) convertible restored and swears by your product!!! I have a 95 mustang GT and convertible and we both have bikes.